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Fast Facts

  • MiracleCord has been processing cord blood for nearly 25 years, demonstrating a long-standing expertise in the field.
  • Their laboratory offers a $100,000 Quality Guarantee for cord blood banking, reflecting their confidence in the services they provide.
  • MiracleCord's Cord Blood 2.0™ has the proven ability to recover 99% of cells, which is 20% higher than other processing methods.
  • The company provides a variety of storage plans, including annual and 20-year options, with pricing starting at $79/month for 12 months for collection, processing, and initial storage.

In-depth review of MiracleCord

MiracleCord is a private cord blood banking company that provides a variety of services to families who wish to preserve their baby's cord blood for potential future use. The company's focus is on stem cell regenerative medicine therapy, which gives them a competitive edge in the industry.

MiracleCord's prompt processing of cord blood is a key feature, ensuring that the cord blood is collected and stored quickly to maintain its viability. This is supported by their seasoned laboratory, which boasts nearly 25 years of experience in cord blood processing. Their dedication to quality is further highlighted by their AXP II automated processing system, which has been shown to recover 99% of cells, a figure that exceeds other methods by 20%.

When it comes to pricing, MiracleCord is both transparent and affordable. Their pricing details are easily accessible on their website, enabling families to make well-informed decisions. Prices start at $79 per month for 12 months, which includes collection, processing, and initial storage. They also provide annual storage plans that range from $150 to $250, as well as fixed-rate options for 20-year or lifetime plans. With no hidden charges or fees, MiracleCord strives to deliver high-quality services without straining your budget.

MiracleCord's dedication to customer satisfaction is clear through their $100,000 quality guarantee. This assurance gives families peace of mind, knowing that their investment is secure. Their positive customer reviews and recognition as the Best Cord Blood Banking Company in the U.S. by the Global Health & Pharma biotechnology award further enhances their credibility.

In addition to their main services, MiracleCord goes above and beyond to educate and interact with their customers. They have an informative website that details the process of cord blood banking, the diseases that can be treated with cord blood stem cells, and the potential benefits of stem cell regenerative medicine therapy. They also offer a cord blood banking gift registry, which allows family and friends to help cover the cost of banking a baby's cord blood, demonstrating their dedication to making their services available to everyone.

To sum up, MiracleCord is a reliable and reputable cord blood banking company that provides a wide range of services at reasonable prices. With their advanced laboratory, prompt processing, and dedication to quality, they offer families a dependable option for storing their baby's cord blood. Their transparent pricing, positive customer feedback, and industry recognition further confirm their status as a top choice. Whether you're considering cord blood banking for potential future medical needs or as a gift for a loved one, MiracleCord provides a compelling package that blends expertise, affordability, and peace of mind.

Products and Services

  • Cord Blood Banking: MiracleCord offers cord blood banking services that involve the collection, processing, and secure storage of stem cells from the umbilical cord blood after childbirth. These stem cells can be used in the treatment of various diseases in the future.
  • Cord Tissue Banking: MiracleCord also provides cord tissue banking services. This involves the preservation of stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue, which have the potential to be used in regenerative medicine therapies.
  • Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy: The company is focused on the potential of stem cell regenerative therapy, which involves the use of stem cells to repair or replace damaged cells and tissues in the body.
  • Quality Assurance: MiracleCord offers a $100,000 quality guarantee, providing assurance to families that their investment is secure.

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