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Fast Facts

  • HealthBanks Biotech USA has been in business since 2001 and provides the BioArchive® automated cryogenic storage system which controls freezing rate down to -196 degrees C and provides up to 94% post-thaw cell viability.
  • 90% of all FDA BLA-approved cord blood units are stored using the BioArchive® automated cryogenic storage system.
  • Over 10 million cells have been stored worldwide using HealthBanks' products and services.
  • HealthBanks' Comprehensive Panel covers over 127 genes.

HealthBanks Biotech USA Review

HealthBanks Biotech USA is a leading provider of cord blood and immune cell banking services. Founded in 2001, they have established themselves as a reliable source for automated AXP II Cord Blood Processing, Automated PXP Immune Cell Processing, Automated BioArchive Cryostorage, FDA-approved collection materials and temperature-controlled cryopreservation vault. Their commitment to quality has been recognized by the California & New York Department of Health who have granted them licenses to operate.

In addition to their core services, HealthBanks also offers:

  • Genetic testing services
  • Cancer insurance packages
  • Immunotherapy treatments such as CAR-T therapy

CAR-T therapy involves collecting T-cells from a patient's blood and modifying them with chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). This type of treatment was successfully used on Emily Whitehead after her diagnosis with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at age 5.

Finally, HealthBanks utilizes advanced cryogenic storage technology to ensure that cells remain viable for future use. They employ both manual MVE Dewars tanks which can store up to 5800 samples per tank as well as an automated BioArchive system with a robotic arm that deposits and retrieves individual cell samples submerged in liquid nitrogen while minimizing temperature fluctuations - resulting in up to 94% post-thaw cell viability rate. As the only private cell bank in the US using this technology, Healthbanks stands out among its competitors when it comes to preserving cells for future use.

Overall, HealthBanks Biotech USA is an excellent choice for those looking for reliable cord blood or immune cell banking services backed by quality assurance guarantees and cutting edge technologies like CAR-T therapy or cryogenic storage systems.

Products and Services

  • AXP® II Processing
  • PXP® Processing
  • BioArchive® Storage
  • Cord Blood Banking
  • Tissue Banking
  • Engraftment Guarantee
  • Genetic Testing
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Package Options
  • Immunotherapy Solutions
  • Freezing Rate Control
  • Post-Thaw Cell Viability

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