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Fast Facts

  • StemCyte offers over 500 active clinical trials investigating the treatment of various diseases like autism and has FDA approved treatments for 80 diseases using cord blood stem cells.
  • StemCyte has global reach with 350+ transplant centers around the world and 2200+ cord blood transplants experience.
  • StemCyte provides an additional $50k if for any reason their newborn's unit fails to engraft.

Stemcyte Review

StemCyte is a leading cord blood and tissue banking company that offers an unparalleled level of service to its customers. With their LifeSaver Guarantee, StemCyte provides parents with the assurance that if their newborn's cord blood unit fails to engraft, they will receive a replacement unit at no cost from StemCyte's public inventory. Additionally, they offer FDA approved treatments for various diseases such as autism and provide annual cord blood plans.

The company stands out among its competitors due to its pioneering regenerative medicine technology and experienced staff. Their hybrid model of private and public banking allows them to have the largest ethnically diverse cord blood inventory in the world, making them first choice for physicians and transplant centers alike. Furthermore, StemCyte offers additional services such as:

  • StemVita Gift Registry program
  • StemCyte Store for purchasing products related to stem cell research or treatments
  • Blog with news about stem cell research developments and events related to regenerative medicine

Overall, it is clear why so many people choose StemCyte when looking for reliable cord blood banking services: they are committed to providing top-notch science, products, customer service and accreditations while always striving towards new innovations in regenerative medicine technology.

Products and Services

  • FDA treatments
  • 24/7 support
  • Tailored plans
  • Tissue preservation
  • StandardCell Processing
  • MaxCell Processing
  • Failure coverage
  • Cord blood preservation

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