Top Cord Blood Banks

Fast Facts

  • Cord Blood Registry (CBR) has been in business since 1992 and is a leading provider of cord blood banking services, available to families in over 150 countries around the world.
  • CBR has processed 500,000+ cord blood units and more than 30,000 transplants have been performed using CBR products worldwide.
  • CBR is committed to providing safe and reliable cord blood banking services for families everywhere.

Cord Blood Registry Review

Cord Blood Registry is a revolutionary service that provides families with the peace of mind that their newborn's stem cells are safely stored for potential medical use. With its secure and reliable storage system, CBR offers an invaluable resource to those looking to preserve their baby's stem cells.

The CBR Gift Registry is also a great way for friends and family to contribute towards the cost of preserving these precious cells. Setting up an online registry or searching for existing ones is easy and convenient, making it simple to give back in this meaningful way:

  • Creating an online registry is easy and convenient
  • Searching for existing registries is easy and convenient
  • Giving back in a meaningful way is simple

All in all, Cord Blood Registry is a remarkable service that provides families with the assurance they need when it comes to preserving their baby's stem cells.

Products and Services

  • Cord Blood Storage
  • Collection Kits
  • Storage Options
  • Payment Plans
  • Gift Registry
  • Genetic Testing
  • Cell Therapy Research
  • Quality Care
  • Quality Assurance
  • FDA-Approved Processing

Interested in the Best Cord Blood Banks?

If you're interested in learning more about the best cord blood banks, be sure to check out the rest of this website's rankings. Cord Blood Registry is a great resource if you want to learn more about Cord Blood Registry's specific services.